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Technology Fortnightly – Cloud Commerce: Transforming Retail in the Digital Age

15 Sept, 2023

In this fortnightly, we discuss about role of cloud in retail. For retailers, the cloud can do much more than reduce the cost of computing and data storage. Managing, storing, and analyzing data is an exhaustive task. Businesses are quickly adopting cloud technologies to effectively manage and process data for real-time insights. To thrive in a highly competitive industry, retailers must extend their reach to the customers with multiple stores and efficiently manage supply chains to provide a unique customer experience. Integrating cloud computing services in the retail sector not only reduces IT costs but also simplifies the workflow, improves efficiency and end-user experience.

Technology Fortnightly – Secure and Scalable: Role of Cloud Technology in Modern Healthcare

31 August, 2023

In this fortnightly, we discuss about role of cloud technology in healthcare. Cloud computing has reshaped the healthcare landscape, offering numerous benefits. It facilitates secure and cost-effective storage of electronic health records (EHRs) and enables remote consultations. Cloud-based analytics empower data-driven decision-making and advance medical research. Scalability ensures that healthcare providers can adapt to changing demands seamlessly. The cloud's integration into healthcare represents a transformative shift with immense potential for improved patient outcomes and enhanced operational efficiency.

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