Technology Fortnightly – COVID-19 is accelerating growth in cloud services

31 Oct, 2020

While the cloud services industry has been seeing increasing traction in the past few years, social distancing norms and restrictions on travel arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly accelerated cloud adoption by enterprises and positioned cloud strategy as a priority amongst CIOs and COOs. People staying at home virtually all the time has changed the way we communicate, conduct business, learn, shop and consume entertainment. In this fortnightly, we discuss some of the trends that have arisen due to the pandemic and how they are bolstering growth of the cloud services industry.

Technology Fortnightly – New H1-B visa rules and their impact

15 Oct, 2020

In this edition, we discuss about the new rules imposed on the H1-B visa program and their impact on the information technology sector.  On June 22, 2020, amidst the COVID pandemic, the US administration temporarily suspended the issuance of new H1-B and L1 work visas till the start of 2021, in turn banning the entry of 200,000 foreign workers. The visa norms have often been criticized for allowing lower cost talent in the US at the expense of its local workforce. Since then, fresh restrictions have been imposed on the H1-B non-immigrant visa program. The H-1B visas are used by companies to hire or transfer high-skilled immigrant workers in the US and is hence the most sought-after visa among Indian IT professionals. 

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