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Technology Fortnightly – Indian IT Sector sees Muted Growth in FY 24

31 May, 2024

In this fortnightly, we discuss the FY 24 results of top Indian IT services providers. A quick look at the results show flat to negative growth in revenue for the fiscal year. However, margins for most firms have remained stable or increased in FY 24 over the previous year.
Uncertain macro environments in key markets such as the US and Europe and conflicts in Europe and the Middle East are some of the reasons behind the weak discretionary spend from enterprises. Large customers key verticals, such as BFSI, Retail and Hi-tech, are being cautious on tech spend, thereby resulting in muted growth for IT outsourcing players.

Technology Fortnightly – Rapid Adoption and Impact of Platform Engineering

30  Apr, 2024

In this fortnightly, we discuss about platform engineering. Platform engineering has been gaining traction over the last few years, with some likening it to the next iteration of DevOps. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the pivotal role of technology infrastructure in driving innovation, scalability, and efficiency. Adoption of Agile, DevOps and TeamFirst approaches, along with rapid development of cloud and deployment tools has led to explosive growth in software development across all segments of the economy. Businesses have begun to actively increase in-house development in an attempt to improve their own efficiency and occupy new market niches.

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