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Brillio acquires Cognetik


On July 07, 2020, Brillio announced its acquisition of Cognetik, a data and insights company with deep expertise in improving digital experiences for its customers.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About Brillio:

Founded in 2014, Brillio is a global consulting and technology services company focused on digital transformation. The company helps businesses define internal and external transformation objectives and translate those into actionable market strategies using proprietary technologies.

It is headquartered in San Ramon, CA with multiple offices worldwide.

About Cognetik:

Cognetik is a marketing and analytics company which helps to build and implement analytics solutions that optimize customer experience to increase loyalty, drive revenue and advance business transformation.

The company empowers digital leaders with data to improve decision making, optimize digital experiences and help companies become data-drive organizations. Select marquee clients include McDonald’s, eBay, Facebook and Pizza Hut.

It is headquartered in Cary NC with additional offices in US and Romania.

Transaction Rationale:

The acquisition of Cognetik strengthens Brillio’s strategy to become the leading digital technology service provider in the world. It bolsters Brillio’s industry depth in retail and consumer packaged goods.

Cognetik’s expertise further enhances Brillio’s analytics business, which has already scaled rapidly and has been growing at a CAGR of 30% over the last three years.

Cognetik’s capabilities in customer and marketing analytics, customer experience, multi-channel experience optimization and experience within the Adobe ecosystem strengthens Brillio’s ability to provide clients with industry solutions for personalization and omni-channel experiences.

Cognetik’s delivery presence in Romania will expand Brillio’s global delivery capability and enhance the company’s ability to onboard best-in-class talent in the European continent and service clients in development centers outside of India.

"This marks a significant milestone in Brillio's growth journey, which continues its forward momentum even in a challenging market." said Raj Mamodia, CEO and founder of Brillio, “The industry depth and experience Cognetik brings in advanced analytics, particularly in the areas of customer experience personalization and web analytics , along with Brillio's existing strength in data science and data engineering, will ensure our customers leverage insights from data and become more relevant than ever.”

The deal comes at an opportune time, when more than 75% of CEOs are looking to accelerate their company’s digital transformation, according to a new Fortune 500 survey.

The Chesapeake Group was not advisor to either party in this transaction


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